Environmental & Ecological Services

Wetland & Stream Delineations


Blackbird Environmental has considerable expertise researching functions associated with aquatic ecosystems including wetlands. Furthermore, Blackbird Environmental's staff has published scientific articles on assessing ecosystem functions within wetlands, performed several formal wetland delineations and is well-versed with the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ (USACE) wetland delineation manual. 

In addition, Blackbird Environmental has completed projects utilizing the USACE’s regional supplements to the delineation manual.

Wetland & Stream Mitigation


Blackbird Environmental is conversant with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and USACE Compensatory Mitigation for Losses of Aquatic Resources; Final Rule effective June 9, 2008. The published 70 Federal Register 73 (10 April 2008) established the standards and criteria for the use of  all types of compensatory mitigation. Blackbird Environmental has successfully created several mitigation plan designs and obtained Clean Water Act (CWA), Section 404 permits for those projects. 

  Blackbird Environmental is experienced with the USACE’s methods of assessing wetland and stream functions; therefore, we can develop the most advantageous mitigation plan for your projects.  

Environmental Permitting


Blackbird Environmental has successfully prepared Clean Water Act (CWA), Section 404 permit applications, Categorical Exclusions (CE) and Environmental Assessments (EA) to ensure compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act. 

Environmental & Ecological Services

Biological Assessments & Surveys


Blackbird Environmental has conducted multiple biological assessments and surveys for protected species and protected species’ habitat. These evaluations have included habitat characterization and effects determinations for potential project impacts on federal and state listed candidate, threatened and endangered species. Furthermore, Blackbird Environmental’s staff has published scientific articles on characterizing fish communities within lotic ecosystems and evaluating the potential effects of pollutant exposure on these communities.

In addition, Blackbird Environmental maintains an Endangered Species Act (ESA), Section 10 research and recovery permit (TE 198057) for Nicrophorus americanus (American burying beetle), and can assist with your project planning to avoid take of this species. 

Project Site Monitoring


Blackbird Environmental can provide qualified project specific monitoring for compliance with Endangered Species Act (ESA) or Clean Water Act (CWA) permitting.